Thursday, January 17, 2013


Several months ago, I purchased some cultured sea glass beads online, from a company called znetshows. The beads are truly lovely...I chose aqua, white, and orange matte glass beads in a mix of top-drilled curvy beauties and tiny little rondelles.  I made several pieces of jewelry using the this one, for instance:
I recently received a letter from Bill Zhang at Znetshows, complimenting  me on the use of their beads in a blog hop I'd joined, and asking if I'd be interested in joining their design team for their Tucson gemshow booth.  Oh, my!  Why...I'd be delighted! 
Bill sent me a box of lovely beads and metal components, asking only that I try to make the sea glass the focus of my jewelry designs, and to use the crystal, pearl, and metal components (plus items from my own stash, if I feel inclined) for the rest of the design.  They are looking for simple and elegant designs with a summery vibe.
Here you can see what Bill sent to me:
I don't usually think of black and white when I'm thinking of summertime...but why not?  There is nothing crisper and more elegant that a black and white ensemble any time of the's a truly seasonless color combination.  And black makes a perfect accent to cool white cotton, which is most definitely a summer staple.
On this note, I'd better take myself to the beading table and see what comes to mind.  I have some ideas, but what's in my head is not necessarily representative of the final result!


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