Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Znetshows Summer Challenge!

Another fabulous bead challenge from Znetshows...this time in honor of the beautiful summer season!  Each participant was assigned to create pieces from one of the following categories: Sea Inspired, Fresh From the Garden, More than Jewelry, or Upcycled.  I chose to make pieces inspired by the sea, which speaks to my soul...the colors, the sounds, and the ever-changing intensity of Mother Nature.

The lovely peeps at Znetshows provided me with many beautiful cultured sea glass beads...some were of my choosing, and some were extra "freebies" generous!  I picked beads in beautiful seaside colors: turquoise, aqua, a beautiful sea green, and crystal.  And oh...the fun I had!

Here are some of the beads I received from Znetshows:

My first project was a necklace...I had some drilled scallop shells that I was DYING to use, and started playing with that idea.  I teamed the scallop shell with a gorgeous green starfish, and wire-wrapped them together.  I used some keishi pearls from my stash, as well as some classic round green cultured sea glass beads and tiny glass pearls.  Here's the result:

And you know, a girl HAS to have some earrings to go with this beachy theme, so I made these:

The corner-drilled squares are slightly convex, and while the crystal starfish are attached to the headpins, the drilled squares and keishi pearl dangles swing a little bit when worn.  (They are adorable when I allowed to say that about my own creations?)

After all this seafoam green gorgeousness, I turned my attention to the beautiful turquoise pebbles and starfish.  I knew I wanted to make a multi-strand bracelet, so I started with one strand of tiny round turquoise beads.  From there, I did some white work...I made a strand using crystal starfish, some frosted white glass beads, and some tiny white glass pearls; I used silver bead caps on the large frosty white beads.  My third and final strand is made with the beautiful turquoise pebbles, which are irregularly shaped and very organic and natural in appearance.  To the finished bracelet, I added two dangles: one with another crystal starfish, and one with tiny silver beads and a frosted white glass round bead.  This bracelet ROCKS on a summer-tanned wrist!

I made a pair of earrings that combine beautifully with the well as with the fact, this pair of earrings looks spectacular with anything!  I used a couple of the gorgeous crystal shard pendants, which dangle from frosted white glass beads with silver bead caps and decorative spacers.  These earrings have just the right amount of "swing"!

My final project was nothing but fun.  I wantedto make a purse charm for a good friend in Texas, who loves sea glass and beachy colors.  Say no more!  I knew what I was meant to make!

I had some beautiful variegated silk ribbon that shifts ever so slightly from ivory to sandy brown and then to the palest of turquoise tints...absolute heaven!  I knotted a length of this ribbon to a large silver jump ring, and added a wire-wrapped turquoise starfish (it's top/side drilled), a crystal starfish (center drilled) and turquoise pebble dangle, and another dangle using those sweet keishi pearls and a small white round cultured sea glass bead.  I attached the jump ring to a clip.  

Can you tell that this challenge was a pleasure and a joy?  It WAS!  I can't thank my Znetshows friends (Hope and Bill)'s an honor to design for Znetshows, and I look forward to many future challenges.  Please check out the Znetshows Glossi (online magazine) will be thrilled with the beautiful creations from my fellow designers!