Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bead Hoarder's Blog Hop!

For the first time EVER, I forgot about a blog hop.  I'm speechless...with dismay.  I wish I had a handy reason for my lapse, but I don't. 

In an effort to present SOMETHING...anything, really...I'm going to show you a few things I've made recently, using some of my favorite old (although not hoarded) beads, as well as some new beads from various sources: Jeannie Dukic, Znetshows, and possibly a BSBP partner or two from the recent past.

I made this bead-wrapped key into a not-so-long necklace, using a strand of the metallic seed beads I used to wrap the top of the key.  To add a bit of pizazz, I added links made from faceted stone beads.
I call this the "Ice Princess" bracelet...I had a special request for a bracelet using "ice cube" (dichroic glass) beads.  I've used these beads before and now I remember how much I liked them.  Which then leads me to the question we all face: why do I have so MUCH stash, and why do I continue to purchase beads...every time I look into my meticulously organized bead boxes I find something that truly is new to me! 
And honestly, here's what I've really been doing, rather than working with beads and wire...
Winter Fairy Artist Trading Card
Blue and Silver Artist Trading Card
"Sender's Choice" Artist Trading Card
It seems that I can either work with paper, or with beads, but not both.  Or maybe my attention span is getting shorter as my age gets longer.  Either way, I am really embarrassed that I forgot...please forgive me, Lori!
Here's the list of the real participants...please stop by and let them know how special they are!
Lori  (Hostess)

Audrey Belanger
Jenny Kyrlach
Kathy Lindemer
Lori Schneider
Dee Elgie
Dolores Raml
Rebecca EdnieHttp://
Lili Krist
Marybeth Rich
Hannah Rosner
Nicole Prince
Deana Hager
Jackie Ryan
Elsie Deliz-Fonseca
Mowse Doyle
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Terri Gauthier
Patti Pruhs
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Mary K
Donetta  (You are here!)
Kelly Hosford
Robin Kae Reed                            
Melissa Trudinger                         


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Znetshows Summer Day and Night Challenge!

I am bringing up the rear on this reveal...I was supposed to have my post ready and set to be published by this morning!  And since I'm so late, due to "technical issues" (unable to upload pictures in the usual way) I'm going to cut to the chase and show you all sorts of pretties, made with Znetshows cultured sea glass beads.

Each participant was asked to select two colors from a list...colors that inspired summery thoughts.  We were not able to choose specific beads, those were a surprise.  And we knew we'd be receiving beads in different colors as well as our chosen colors.  Our mission was to complete at least two sets (two or more pieces) of set appropriate for daytime, and one for evening wear. 

The colors I chose were "periwinkle changes" and a beautiful spring green, "peridot".  What I received...well, you can see here:

Okay.  I have to admit that at first glance, I wasn't entranced with the matte purple barrel beads.  However, as I started playing...well, one thing led to another.  I had some beautiful matte white beads from a previous challenge; I believe they are "marquis spindles".  Long, elegant beauties that are tapered on both ends.  I also discovered a strand of tiny teardrop beads from a long-ago bead store purchase; they are a color mix called "sea glass", and the beads are a combination of shiny and matte glass.  I made a combination of strands for a bracelet, using the matte purple barrel beads, the white marquis spindle beads, little clusters of the sea glass teardrops, and a few tiny (4mm) round clear Swarovski crystals.  I twisted the strands, added a pretty dangle, and made some coordinating earrings.  Here is my offering for an evening set:

Oh no...look at the SIZE of these pictures!  Why can't I upload from my Dropbox folder?  I had to copy/paste from my Flickr page, and it is not successful in this format.  I'm unable to resize the photos, I'm so sorry! 

I love the way the different shades of purple work together, and I was thrilled to be able to use two of the pretty pastel lampwork beads from my Bead Soup partner, Dyanne Cantrell! The picture below is of the same bracelet (slightly different angle)...with the two additional sets of earrings.  For the evening challenge, I made one bracelet and three sets of earrings. 


And now for the daytime set...I used the Znetshows rings in "turquoise bay", and joined them together with large silver jump rings.  Front and center is a focal piece made from a big chunk of recycled glass...oh, how I love those rough, chunky beads!  I added a few tiny matte aqua teardrop beads and a dangle of brass and turquoise Czech beads...a bracelet just isn't finished for me until there's a dangle or two!  The earrings are simple aqua nuggets with small dangles made with more of the matte aqua teardrops. The earrings are on the larger side, to complement the bold bracelet.


What a pleasure it was to work with these beautiful beads.  I didn't touch the beautiful peridot barrel beads...but I'm playing with them now!  Here's a link to the fantastic Znetshows e-magazine that Hope Smitherman labored over with such a great result...please check it out, and see the beautiful creations from my fellow designers!  You can find the Znetshows blog here:, and the individual designer's blogs here:

DonettaFarrington (You are here!)

Thank you so much for stopping by to view all the gorgeous pieces made from Znetshows cultured sea glass beads! 


Friday, May 9, 2014

8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party

Today's the day for the 8th Annual BSBP reveal!  There are many (many, many!) bloggers participating in the Soup...over 500!  Because I know you've been traveling quite a bit before you got here, and will be traveling more after you leave, I'll cut right to the chase.

My BSBP partner is Dyanne Cantrell of  Dee-liteful Jewelry Creations.  Dyanne was a wonderful partner from the very beginning, and was quick to contact me to chat about our interests, styles, and so forth.  Here's what we sent to each other (starting with what I sent to Dyanne).  I can't wait to see what she made from the different things I sent!

Now for what Dyanne sent to me:

Pretty!  I started with the focal bead, a beautiful ceramic tube bead.  I used one of my own little decoupage wooden tiles (a recycled Scrabble tile, actually), and wire-wrapped it to the tube bead, adding some bead caps and a little crystal.  I made a long (39 1/2 inches) rosary-style chain, using some of the iridescent shell beads from Dyanne and some gray glass pearls left over from the Znetshows winter challenge; it's attached to the focal via a large jump ring made of twisted wire.
I used the pretty antiqued silver grape leaf clasp to make a bracelet...borrowing generously from my stash of Znetshows cultured sea glass beads, and adding some tiny matte glass teardrop beads and little creamy white glass pearls.  Since we're moving into summer (although here in Washington we seem to have reverted to November weather...*sob*), I used one of my summertime favorites, a beautiful pale aqua.  
I hope you've enjoyed my cup of Bead Soup, and take the time to visit all the other cooks to comment on their creations.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  See the list of participants at Lori's blog, Pretty Things.