Saturday, July 14, 2012

Woe. Is. Me.

I'm on the downslope of the moving process, but I have to's a painful process.  Yeah, I know I'm not in the greatest shape, and I'm waaaaaay past the age when it's an "adventure" to pack up and move...but still.  I'm surrounded by boxes, telephone isn't working ("too far from base"???), cable TV not operational (so much for the "seamless" switch to a new address), and I'm in such misery physically that I could cry.  Today I've done NOTHING, unless an unexpected four-hour nap counts as SOMETHING.  Maybe tonight I'll work my way through a few more boxes.  And then there's the steady diet of fast food meals...too tired to make myself look presentable, so drive-through dinners are the name of the game.  I don't think that's helping my energy level much.  Plus, I've misplaced my camera, and I have heartburn.  Come to think, I had heartburn yesterday after my Burgerville dinner, too.  Another good reason to give up on drive-through dinners.

I have a really lovely selection of beads from my Soup partner, Janeen.  And I'm going to photograph them and show them off right here...once I find my camera...and the attachments so I can upload photos to my computer.

I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day.  I'll probably find my camera, and for sure I'll get the kitchen squared away so I can make a nice little dinner.  That's a definite plan.  Oh, and the multi-purpose craft room.  I've created a pathway, and now I need to begin the arrangement of key items.  I'm sure the box(es) containing beads are at the bottom of a stack, since they were labeled "Beads: HEAVY".  I think usually the heavy stuff goes on the bottom. 

Meanwhile, here's a photo taken during the moving process, when a couple pieces of packing paper (alliteration once again) landed on the floor:

I guess it's a cat thing.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lori's Giveaway!

Lori is one of those people who gives and gives...and then gives some more!  She is hosting a giveaway on her blog Pretty Things...and I'm telling you, her prizes are fabulous.  Here's the one that grabbed me right off the bat:

But then there's this one:

Or a *mystery gift* which you KNOW is going to be amazing:

A MYSTERY SOUP hand mixed by me!

And FYI, folks, that statement is from Lori, and not from's "mixed" by Lori!
If I should win, I'm going with option #1.  Don't know why, exactly, except that every single thing "speaks" to me.  Loud and clear!