Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bigger pictures

While at work today, I asked my friend Dawn, who is a veteran blogger, how to add pictures to my blog in a less cumbersome way than "adding a gadget" for each...and...every...single...picture.  So inefficient!  So freaking time consuming!  And the pictures are, as you all noticed, quite wee.  Who knew it would be so easy?  I'm going to test it right now!  Watch this!  Oh, wow...

And really?  Just because I can?  An absolutely gratuitous photo of one of the loves of my life, Bella.  The title of this photo is "Bella's Boudoir".  She looks happy, doesn't she?  But, really?  This IS a picture of Bella's happy face.  It's a Persian thing, I think.

On that note, I can't wait to preview and post.

Monday, October 3, 2011


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Michelle Mach's Very Vintage Fall Challenge

Michelle always offers the prettiest bits and pieces for her blog hop challenges...I've entered two so far, and each time I've been comPLETEly impressed by the gorgeous little goodies she sends.  Try as I might, I simply couldn't use everything...my first effort (a charm bracelet) ended up looking like I was trying to use up my stash.  NOT the effect I wanted!  So I hemmed and hawed, and moved stuff around on my work table, and finally came up with a design that actually was quite pleasing to my eye(s).

I made a long, long necklace (no clasp, just over the head and there you go), and it "wears" beautifully.  Um, if I do say so myself.  (I do.) 

Here's what I did: I picked an antiqued brass chain with great big alternating rectangular and round links.  I created my focal piece, gluing one of the filigree diamond links to the largest Lucite piece...try as I might, I can't label it with one of the descriptions on the supply list.  It's large, oval, and a beautiful tortoiseshell color.  Anyway, I used it as a base for the filigree diamond, and popped a rhinestone into the center.  I found two really big decorative antiqued brass ovals, and added them to the chain (making them part of the chain), near the focal.  To the ovals, I attached charms.  On one side, the charm is comprised of the Lucite carnelian teardrop Deco hoop, to which I attached the second filigree diamond and the brown vintage Lucite "bauble".  Onto the other oval, I attached a rusty little key, as well as a charm I made using the leaf-shaped metal blank as a base, and attached a sienna Lucite poplar leaf and a wee antiqued brass ladybug charm.

Since I'm taking Deryn Mentock's "foundations" online class, and have been practicing my wire-wrapped loops, I made a total of six (three for each side) wire-wrapped baubles, using some vintage amber-colored fluted glass beads, and very tiny daisy spacers on each end of each bead.  I connected them with jump rings, and added them to the chain...kind of in the middle, where they will be very visible (I like them...so pretty!).  Then to one side of the chain, just below the wire-wrapped beaded baubles, I added a little "bunch of grapes" I made some time ago, using top-drilled amber glass beads, a Lucite leaf, and some curly wire grapevines. 

To balance it out, a bit higher than all that on the other side, I added a really rusty old key that I glammed up with a thick silver spacer and a raw brass bird. 

I'm thinking that I used about half of the "ingredients" Michelle sent.  Actually, I made a pair of earrings as well, using some of the Lucite heishi beads and Lucite leaves.  Swingy little earrings, molto cute.  Alas, I left them on my desk at work...no photo.  My mind...

At any rate, I really did enjoy the process, although the charm bracelet gave me pause.  Thank goodness.  But I'm happy with the finished product, and hope all of you are, too!