Monday, February 18, 2013

Bead Soup Partner!

My Bead Soup Blog Party partner for this year is Brenda Sigafoos...and let me tell you, Brenda is an amazing lady.  Brenda is a true multi-tasker: she's a mom of three, whose kids are all high achievers; she creates beautiful jewelry and in fact designs for the Cousin Corporation; and she teaches wire wrapping to people like me...people who love to make beautiful things, and who never want to stop learning new skills.

I know that Brenda and I are going to be friends; we've already shared a bit about our lives (past and present), and have discovered that we have more in common than a love of creating jewelry.

I was blown away by some of Brenda's lovely creations, like this:

And these:

Is she amazing, or what?  Let me give you the answer: she is amazing!  I hope the soup I send to Brenda in Minnesota is something that she will like, and can use to make something as pretty as the pieces I've seen so far. 

Many, many thanks to our hostess, Lori Anderson, who has a knack for teaming her "cooks"! 


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    1. Thank you, Karen! I believe I have a lovely partner; I hope I did her justice.


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