Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Post soup activities

For the past several days, I've been occupied with blog hopping, checking out all the bee-you-tee-ful blogs and pictures from my fellow BSBP third-revealers.  Such gorgeousness...I am reminded that amping up my photography skills must be placed at the top of my "to do" list.  I shouldn't have written that for public consumption, since my "to do" list is a joke among my family and friends.  I always have one, but I usually list the things I intend to accomplish tomorrow, and it's always an overly ambitious list.  And then at the end of the following day, I discard that list without a second thought, and make another list (again, overly ambitious) guessed it..."tomorrow".  I've had some of the same things on my daily "to do" list for years.  (And years.)

It's not that I'm flighty or anything...but I'm easily seduced by something new.  A new project...I'll start a new project any day, rather than work on something already in process.  And by "tomorrow", the new project has become something "already in process" and therefore not as likely to be completed, because I spend way too much time on Pinterest and reading blogs and being inspired by everyone else's completed projects...versions of which then make it onto my "to do" list.  It's a never-ending cycle of dysfunction, and makes me wonder how I manage to complete any projects at all.  I believe this illness has a name...and that name is "startitis".

And something else I've noticed...just a random thing...when I'm busy with my crocheting, what I'm dreaming about is the creation of jewelry designs.  When I'm busy at the bead table, I keep casting my eyes at my artist trading card station, and thinking of all the great techniques I have in mind.  I am very consistent...when I'm making artist trading cards, what I'm really longing to do is bend wire and string beads! 

Today, however, I'm really trying to make sense of the hellacious mess in this craft room.  It's so bad that I had to pick a corner and start working around the room.  I've found so much stuff...stuff I'd forgotten I had!  Last night I completed about one-fourth of the room.  But I started late in the day, so hopefully today I'll finish the job.  I haven't put it on my daily "to do" list (because I can't find the list), so I probably have a good chance of finishing the task. 

Maybe my illness is one reason I enjoy making artist trading cards so much...they're tiny, and there's a definite deadline regarding when they must be sent.  Here are a few of the artist trading cards I've made lately, and sent off to new homes (in a timely manner, too):

 Swap-bot "Add a Ruler" challenge...using an image cut from an old Simplicity pattern.  The pattern is so old that it has a bust measurement of 32 inches...for a size 12.  And the price marked on the envelope is 60 cents.  I think I remember those days, but vaguely.
Swap-bot "Lady with a Big Hat" challenge
Swap-bot "Wax Paper Resist Technique" first time attempting this technique, which makes some very cool looking backgrounds!
Back to work...I have my girls to keep me company (one is sleeping at my feet, and the other is on the windowsill), and unless I find my to-do list I should be in good shape by bedtime!


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