Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Playing with Beads and Chain

Just messing around...trying to get a bit of beady enthusiasm back...I found a picture of some truly lovely earrings (torn from some magazine, sometime, sadly I cannot give credit where credit is due), which were intricately fashioned from a single piece of wire, with semi-precious bead chips lined up on the bar of the "trapeze".  I thought, hmmm, I'll bet I could make something similar, but using maybe eye pins and chain in place of the silver wire; easier and less time-consuming.  So I began to play.  And this is what I made:

Easy as can be!  Eye pins, some beads, jump rings tiny and medium, and some earring wires.  I'll be playing around with this concept, changing things up a bit, using different beads and chain...very simple, yet satisfying.  I have to say, I truly enjoyed my hour at the beading table.

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  1. Hi Donetta,
    Love these earrings! Chain + wire + beads = beautiful!


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