Saturday, May 12, 2012

I seem to have lost my way.  I don't remember when I published a blog post last (actually, it's been two months, I checked), and unfortunately it seems that unless I do this every day, it slips off my mental "to do" list...and then two months have gone by with nothing to show for that time. 

Honestly, I must have done SOMETHING during the past two months...but I feel stagnant.  I don't think I've learned anything new, which was not part of the whole retirement plan; I don't think I've created much of anything, either.  I bore myself!

So here I go again, promising myself that I'll do better, and hoping to use this electronic vehicle as a tracking device of sorts.  Does this happen to other people, or (God forbid) is it specific to me?  Right here, right now, on Mother's Eve, I promise (to myself) to do better. 

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