Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday, 9/3/11

Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Donetta, who creates really pretty pieces of jewelry and accessories.  That's a true statement, it really is.  But I'm also Donetta, who just last week tripped over a crack in the sidewalk WHILE LEAVING A LIQUOR STORE ON HER LUNCH HOUR!  Another true statement, although I wish I was making it up.  I don't even drink (much), I swear.  And certainly not on my lunch hour!  And what I drink,when I do drink?  It isn't the $36 bottle of Grey Goose vodka I had just purchased, no indeed.  No, I was buying the vodka for one of my best friends (birthday present!) who actually has a palate and enjoys the taste of good vodka.  My taste runs to coconut rum mixed with a variety of fruit juices so it all tastes like a delightfully healthy beverage...almost like a vitamin drink, you know?  (I have no palate, when it comes to alcohol.  Wine gives me a migraine, and the good stuff just tastes like I imagine gasoline tastes.)  Apparently I was so traumatized by the event that I didn't hear my friend Dawn say (and she swears she said it first thing) "OMG, are you okay?"  No...what I heard was my friend Dawn saying "OMG, the vodka!"

So I've been in a world of hurt for a full week.  The only good news?  The bottle didn't break.  But for some reason I'd forgotten all about the basic law of gravity.  That disgustingly swollen knee?  Oh, it's not so swollen any more.  But I have what looks to be a big growth on the inside of my shin bone, and my cankle defies description.  It's all very colorful, too.

Here's my promise: if I can figure out how to operate the mechanics of a blog, I will be blogging.  With pictures, even.  (I mean, what is UP with that ENORMOUS picture on my home page?  How did this happen?  I need help!)  Pictures of my "stuff", pictures of my adorable little house, and pictures of the most important things in the family and friends and my two completely unspoiled cats.  It's a good thing, blogging...I have so many other blogs in my Google Reader that it's almost a full-time job to read them all!  Maybe somebody will be interested in me, too!  We'll see. 

As my good friend Peggy is fond of saying...Later, bye!

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