Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Friends at Navneet Gems!

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a representative of Navneet Gems, complimenting my jewelry designs and my blog, and asking if I would be interested in applying to be one of their jewelry designer affiliates.  I filled out the questionnaire they attached, and sent it off, as a lark.  I'm not particularly high-profile, and although I do follow another of their designers (Jewels of Sayuri), and have participated in many of the blog hops and challenges with Jewels of Sayuri, I really had no expectation of hearing from them again.  I had much on my mind at that time...I was facing a BIG surgery (a total replacement of my right knee).

Amazingly, I did hear back from Sachin Goyal at Navneet Gems, advising me that they had accepted me as a one of their representatives, and my questionnaire/interview is posted on their website!  I am so happy...surprised, and grateful, and excited! Navneet Gems reminded me...very lucky, since only 5-10% of applicant interviews are accepted for publication.

I promised that I would post the questionnaire on my blog (I already posted on Facebook) here it is!
Interviewing Donetta Farrington - Jewelry Designer
Interviewing Donetta Farrington - Jewelry Designer
1. Tell us something about you? Answer - I am retired from a career in the medical field; for many years, I worked with physicians employed by Kaiser and (later) for Legacy Health in Portland, Oregon. I collected background information, investigated and verified the information, and worked with local and national insurance companies to have our providers added to their panels.
I began making jewelry when I was visiting a hospital on the east coast...I noticed that the hospital employees were wearing beautiful beaded necklaces to hold their photo ID cards, and wondered how I could replicate that idea. I bought one of the badge necklaces, took it apart (making notes about the way it was assembled), and purchased the tools and materials I would need to make some for myself. I learned by trial and error (and through books and blogs by other jewelry designers!) which types of materials were best. Once I started wearing the necklaces with my ID badge attached, people began asking me to make them to sell...and from there, I branched into other forms of jewelry. It has been a wonderful journey!
My blog ( was initially started so I could join various challenges and blog hops with other jewelry designers. I've taken part in several international Bead Soup challenges, and have also participated in Jeannie Dukic's "Do Over" challenges twice yearly, Michelle Mach's challenges, and several others over the years. It is a wonderful experience to receive jewelry designs or beads from other jewelry artists, and create something unique and completely new from those materials. I design for (a cultured sea glass bead company), and I sell my jewelry locally at two different salons. I have recently been chosen to sell my work on Amazon Handmade, and I am opening an Etsy shop as well. I display photographs of some of my jewelry designs on Flickr and on Facebook, but have never used those as marketing tools.
2. How do you brush your ideas about designing? Answer - I am inspired by everything around me...I collect vintage brooches and earrings, and use them to create beautiful new designs; I take inspiration from jewelry trends, but I have my own very distinct style, and prefer to modify trends to fit my own artistic "signature".
3. How often do you do blogging? Answer - I was a very enthusiastic blogger in the beginning, but as my jewelry business has grown, I've been blogging only for online blog hops and challenges. I'd like to change that, and return to a series of blog posts once or twice weekly which showcase not only jewelry, but also my mixed media work and artist trading cards.
4. Any one of your designs so far that you are most proud of? Answer - I have created several pieces of jewelry that I'm very fond of. One is a necklace I made for my daughter's birthday, with a rough geode as the focal:
Lisa's birthday necklace (geode focal):

Another is a charm bracelet created for Znetshows, which contains charms made from various cultured sea glass beads, as well as beads and findings from my stash: 
Znetshows Autumn Bead Challenge:

What are your favorite stones or colors to work with? Answer - My favorite colors are definitely earthy and rich: deep reds, topaz, the colors found in nature. I also enjoy using muted and elegant colors, such as grey tones (from very pale to carbon), tanzanite, alexandrite...gemstone colors which in actuality are comprised of many colors. One of my favorite stones is jasper...there are so many beautiful variations of this lovely stone; tourmaline (particularly watermelon tourmaline) is also a favorite; and labradorite, with it's beautiful blue flash.
6. What is your ultimate dream? Answer - My ultimate dream is to create small collections of jewelry that are affordable and recognizable as my own. I am not at all interested in mass production, and don't feel qualified to create "fine jewelry". That said, my jewelry is beautifully made, and made to last. I am very detail-oriented, and each piece is meticulously checked before being offered for sale.

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  1. I love the geode necklace you've shown. I can't wait to see what you make for this new company.


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