Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Weather!

My friend in Arkansas ruined her back last month, taking out the plants she'd been over-wintering inside.  Last week, she was taking those plants back inside because of a snow warning and frosty, plant-killing nighttime temperatures.  Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we are having day after day of mood-lifting sunshine and summer-like temperatures, which is very unusual for us.  Our spring usually consists of day after day of gray skies and rain, with occasional "sun breaks", until summer arrives on or near July 4th. 

I don't know why our weather patterns have turned upside-down, but I am certainly enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures.  My patio is still bare, since I have neglected my plants until they are nothing but brown sticks.  In ugly nursery pots, ick.  Last summer was a tough time for me...but this summer, I will take better care of my plants, starting with immediately repotting them into pretty pots with good soil and plenty of fertilizer. 

In a continuing attempt to show myself how productive I am, because I don't feel productive at all these days, I've taken photos of some of my projects.  First up is my yo yo coverlet.  Will it ever be finished?  Was I over-ambitious?  No...I just need to keep at it.  Last week, I finished several color-themed squares, two in red, one purple set, and one green set:

Why do you suppose my uploaded pictures have black borders on two sides, partially obscuring the picture itself?  The pictures do not have this feature anywhere else.  It's annoying, and it's also a reminder of how photo-illiterate I continue to be.
Moving on.  I also managed to create several wee pieces of art, for my artist trading card (etc.) swaps.  Like this set of three twinchies (2x2-inch pieces of art):
Also in the play-with-paper category are an artist trading card (The Colors of China), using one of the same ladies from my twinchie set:
Why is this pretty lady lying down?  This isn't right!  In Picasa, she is upright.  Aaaargh...I am hating this!

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