Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party

My partner for my very first BSBP is Janeen, of Wild Vanilla Designs (I love that name!)...you can find Janeen and peek at her lovely blog here.  Janeen is a very busy young mother of three who still finds time to do it all...and I'm happy to be swapping beads and so forth with such a talented lady.

I've been scrolling through my Google Reader, looking at so many great blogs, and I noticed that my friend Therese posted a picture of the very first beaded item she made.  Sadly, I never thought to take pictures of my earliest creations, but only started photographing my "beaded treasures" as a sort of inventory control process.  It quickly went by the wayside, and unfortunately I have not replaced that process with any way to manage my inventory.  I simply don't keep track, which is really unfortunate.  Must improve.

However, in the spirit of sharing and all, I'll post a couple of photos of my earlier designs: 

Lots of symmetry.  I still prefer symmetrical over asymmetrical designs...not sure if that's a bad thing or if I should just accept that it's just my preference.  It's funny...looking at these bracelets, I can see so many ways I'd do them differently today. 

Anyway, I can't wait to see what Janeen sends me, which reminds me that I'd better get cracking on my offerings to her!  My "studio" (aka: craft room) is a disaster, since I'm moving to a new house on July 10th.  Fortunately I've left that room for last; I couldn't bear to begin packing up all my beads and assorted craft items.  My mission for this evening is to choose what I'm sending to Janeen, and then to begin the Painful Packing Process (apparently I'm big on alliteration).  


  1. Hi Donetta,
    Have fun putting your soup ingredients together for Janeen. I am looking forward to seeing what she cooks up with them, and you with her's.
    Thanks for the mention in your post. I did not take pictures of my early pieces either, so I was glad that my Sister was the person that got my first piece and that she could take a picture of it for me. In hind sight it would have been a good thing to take pictures of everything I did.

  2. I have a couple of my earliest creations -- oh my.


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