Saturday, February 25, 2012


I guess I need someone to intervene...I can't seem to stop making little dotee dolls.  My sister's birthday is tomorrow, and in addition to her "regular" gift I had to make her a dotee of her own, representing her February birthday.  I named her Dottie Mae (my sister will know why), and dressed her in lavenders and purples to represent February's flower, which is violet, and gem, which is amethyst.  Dottie Mae is wearing the tiniest amethyst crystal teardrop was a challenge to wire wrap something that tiny!  Here's Dottie Mae:

Oh no...we can't see her earrings in this picture...maybe a closeup:

Well, there's one of them, anyway.  Trust me, she is symmetrical.  She is wearing two earrings.

And to make things even better, this is what I saw for the first time when I meandered into the "office" (defies description...suffice it to say that there is a computer in this room):

I think I feel better already!  Pink and white bells on the pieris japonica, which is on the north side of my house.  If this is what's happening in the north, I can't wait to see what I haven't noticed on the west side, which is the front yard.  Going there right now...

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  1. Ahh Donetta she is so pretty in her flowered dress and her amethyst earrings. If you need an intervention then we all need one. Because aren't all of us beady people addicted to what we love to do? Happy Birthday to your Sister!


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