Friday, January 18, 2013


Yesterday I spent several hours at my bead table, playing with the super-pretty cultured sea glass beads from znetshows.  I can't remember the last time I played like this...and I had so much fun!  Yesterday I showed pictures of the sleek-and-chic beads sent by Bill Zhang, and although I didn't use all of them, I made quite a dent!

I started with earrings.  I always start with earrings; they are small, relatively easy to put together, and I love making earrings because I love wearing earrings!  Here's what I made:

I used the two long rectangular top-drilled pieces, attached them to small crystal and bead components for a bit of sparkle and shine, and added them to a pair of elegant silver-plated ear wires. 
All charged up from the earring business, I moved on to a necklace, which you see here:
Although I started with silver chain, I could quickly see that it wasn't giving me the look I had in mind.  So I pulled out some beading wire and strung a series of black and white beads (the larger white beads are cultured sea glass, as are the round black beads).  I attached a simple crystal and sea glass teardrop dangle to one of my favorite black resin roses for the pendant.  This necklace hangs's about 18 inches long, not including the pendant, and will be beautiful worn with summer whites and brights.
I couldn't help but notice a strand of double-hole black cultured sea glass beads, and definitely wanted to showcase them, as they are unusual and eye-catching.  I used two pieces of memory wire and began beading...
This bracelet is beautiful on the wrist...and it was so much fun to make!
On to yet another bracelet.  You might remember the starfish bead from the selection sent by Bill...I really wanted to use I did!  Here's the result:

I paired it with some of the asymmetrical black beads, a few shiny silver glass beads. and more of the round white beads.  It definitely needed a counterweight, so I made two dangles to hang from the toggle. 
By this time, I was running out of steam, and figured that I should finish the day with another pair of earrings.  Those smoky gray sleek...I had to use them!
For this group of beads, I chose to create simple, sleek pieces without a lot of ornamentation.  The beads have a matte finish, they are simple geometric shapes, and I wanted the cultured sea glass to be the focus.  I hope I've succeeded in my mission.
Bill, thank you so much for the opportunity to create some designs for you, using your beautiful beads.  It was truly a pleasure.



  1. Donetta: I love the mix! I wear black A LOT and love the designs you've created. They're beautiful the glass is so nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gosh...thanks so much for stopping by, and for your lovely comment! I'm going to check out your blog right now!

  3. I like your designs. The necklace is my favorite.

  4. Your pieces are so pretty - I love the starfish bracelet! Good luck!!

  5. Your color lent to a great dramatic effect. The starfish is wonderful in the bracelet.

  6. Your pieces are very elegant. I really like the bracelet with the starfish... Good luck!!!

  7. Oh those earrings are delightful! I would wear them all the time :)

  8. Great job on your designs! I'd have to say the last pair of earrings is my favorite...modern and very chic!

  9. I like the black and white mix you got. You made some lovely pieces with them. I like the simplicity in the last pair of earrings. It really shows off the sea glass. I only got 4 pieces made with my samples in time for the show.

  10. Your pieces all turned out so elegant! The idea to use the memory wire with the double holed beads was a fabulous one. I've never considered using two loops of memory wire like that. Very cool!


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